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How to acknowledge your Superpower?

If you think you have no super power, or that some people already do what you do or do something similar or worse… that’s it’s

What exactly is Ethical Fashion?

If you’ve been checking my brand now and my social media, you’ve probably heard the term “ethical fashion” several times. You may also have heard

Our roles as “sustainable” businesses

I listened to a podcast about the brand AllBirds shoes and their mission on the Wardrobe Crisis Podcast. Amazing! Some questions and comments made me

Faux Fur or not Faux Fur?

I had a very interesting conversation with one of my friends from Texas the other day, who is strictly vegan, and cruelty-free by all means

When guilt takes over…

The special piece patiently waiting to be worn, getting dust in your closet… when guilt takes over.  We all at some point bought something more