Mountain Style-ist

The benefits of hiring a personal stylist today are unmatched. Our society and the fashion industry have become too complex with hundreds and hundreds of brands and designers, with trends that change every two months and with people, YOU, getting ever busier and busier. On the top of that, your look and your confidence are still one of the primary ways you communicate who you are before you even speak a word.

Style Consultation


What is “personal style”? What is “YOUR” personal style? The style assessment will help you to determine who you are and how you want to be seen.

2 hours are dedicated to you and your style. It’s a great opportunity to concentrate on yourself, understand who you are on the inside, to make the best choices for your external persona.

I will teach you how to strategically wear colors, lines, prints, textures or accessories.

We will go through all your concerns, one by one. At the end of this session, you will leave the room with new tips for your shopping, you will learn how to be well dressed in all circumstances, what to emphasize and to avoid.


  • Your Body Shape – Fit Analysis
  • Your Best Colors – Colors Analysis
  • Your Taste / Style
  • Your Lifestyle
  • Your Career

You will leave more confident and understand your own style according to your personality and your lifestyle.

Wardrobe Edit

There is nothing worse than having a wardrobe full of clothes… and nothing to wear.

Just like your doctor will consult with you regarding your health, as your personal stylist I will analyze and give you a diagnosis of your wardrobe.
First, working on the current season, we will go through everything, pointing out what is working, what is not, and what is missing. It will open your mind about how to be a smarter shopper.

We will build new outfits, understand why certain items don’t work, and decided what we can do with those items (alterations, re-sale or donate).


Personal Shopping


1/2 day shopping.

Delphine can organize an 1/2 day shopping together! 5 hours in total, including 2 hours of pre-shopping on her own and 3 hours with you trying everything on! No minimum shopping budget is required.

Full day shopping in the Vail Valley.

Delphine loves to organize a full day shopping dedicated to her client, her style and her experience in the Vail valley. No pre-shopping, a full day discovering and trying on clothes under the eyes of your personal stylist.

Gift Certificates

This is an incomparable experience to offer to someone you care about. Perhaps you have a friend who has let style fall to the wayside as she goes about the task of caring for a new child. Or perhaps you would like to pay for your mother to get a style consultation to pick out looks that complement this stage in her life. If She/He wants to get a new and fresh style, become chic and comfortable in everyday life, I have the solution!