Photoshoot and Videos

Being a model for the past 10 years, there is nothing more exciting to work in this environment of visual art. Understanding the front and the behind the scene help to create easily and faster the best images for my clients, for your clients.

You are a photographer, work for a magazine or are a corporate executive and need a fashion stylist/assistant for your productions… I can help you to capture the best pictures by creating styling suited to the theme of the shoot. With an obsession for details and perfection, I will always have one eye on the model and the other one on the computer to make sure everything is attractive and coordinated.

Photographers reference

Fashion photoshoots:
Bianca McCarty Photography, Kirstin Anne Photography, Dianna Marr, Jesse Starr Photography.

Lifestyle and Ski attire photoshoots:
Jack Affleck, Daniel Milchev, Andrew Maguire.

Shopping experience