About Delphine


A Styled Personality.

Delphine is a French woman, born in the famous cosmopolitan city of Vichy. At 15 years old, she started to affirm herself as a woman with a unique fashion expression. Growing up, she took to the world of modeling on several occasions and continues to do so for select brands and photographers. She has never looked like anyone else. She has her own style, her way of saying who she truly is by dressing up and always presenting herself well.

She hasn’t always followed fast fashion trends for several reasons. One, she always known what is her style. And two and most importantly, she’s always known what works for her. When you know that, as she says, “You just have to stick with it.” She loves fashion and adores mixing it up with vintage pieces. In other words, she knows the classic of fashion and follows the new ones. This is who she is and what she is living for.

Her background

Delphine studied a Master of Marketing and Management in Tourism Environment. After that, she dreamed of adventure and learning English. She became an Au pair for almost two years in Eagle, Colorado. In the meantime, she met the one who became her husband and never went back in France.

Statement Makers.

During her Au pair experience, a lot of women asked her style advice and where to shop. She started helping them pack for their vacation trips to Europe, for special event in NYC, etc. At this point, she realized that women need help right now with their style and closet and that sometimes they don’t have the interest or time to go shopping. Helping women with their look and confidence became her mission.

Delphine is committed to helping Every-Body find its own style and to saving her customers’ time and money while helping them to become as powerful and confident as a Parisian. She studied how to become a Personal Stylist and Shopper with The Statement Makers, a Personal Stylist Certification and Business Launch Training.