What is your favorite velvet top? 1,2 or 3?

How to choose your velvet piece?

It’s a repetitive circle and velvet will always be back in trend. If you want to invest a certain amount of money into a velvet piece please do. It can stay in your closet for years or decades. You may give it a break for a couple of years without wearing it and suddenly BOOM! You can wear it again!

Evidently, if you choose an evening gown you won’t enjoy it as much as a nice, well-cut velvet blazer or blouse. Also, invest mostly in strong colors such as bottle green or navy — it will always be a staple. For the trendsetter and fashionista, light and pastel velvet will always belong to the trend.

Here are my selections, all from local shops:

Flower Velvet

Beautiful pink and velvet flowery top with a little knot on the back which gives a finishing touch. You can wear it during the day or at night; it depends on how you incorporate it into your outfit. A pair of jeans could be absolutely perfect for dressing it down. But you know me I don’t want to push the “casual” to too casual, so I made it my own way with some Italian shoes (wearable and walkable) and I finish my look with a loose jacket from Target (Target can make me very happy, this is a fact!).

Top from @wildheartcolorado

Casual Velvet

I would never think that pink velvet can suit me but look! This is a perfect casual shirt, very much on trend for the pastel color and the cut. Jeans or jogger can be fun to wear with, for that one; don’t think too much for the perfect refined outfit, this top is made to make your day easy.

Top from @wildheartcolorado

Dressy velvet

Oh and that one too, my third favorite, @self-portrait top! What’s going on with that top?
The navy color belongs to the staple and this fun cut to the trend. If last year, we all wanted the off-shoulders, this year we all want the cold shoulder or the one shoulder top or like this one, we just want all at once!!!

Top from @perchvail


Some history

Velvet is a very old fabric, as luxurious as you could imagine.

“Velvet” refers to the structure of the fabric, not the fiber — just like cotton or wool. It is typically woven (the knit version is referred to as velour). It is an Eastern textile – yes, Italians were the first in the industry. For several centuries, many cities in Italy were velvet makers and were definitely on point with it. Becoming a wealthy and luxury item, it has been sold in many ways such as clothing, upholstery, curtains, and wallpaper. It never really left the market; it appears very often in the fashion shows and trends. We found it in the vibe of the 1970’s, then the 1980’s and 1990’s (mostly worn by pop culture icons) and evidently today, especially on our fall 2017.

Any changes though?

YES, quite a bit of change!


First of all, velvet is not limited to dresses and you can wear it in different ways: shoes, belt, bombers, dresses or jumpsuit. It’s really up to you to find what really works for you and your style.


Velvet is not limited to women, men can wear it and if we associate this structure with women’s wears — we are wrong. Trend gives the opportunity for men to wear it!


Velvet was made for wealthy families and churches, then in the 1920s we could find it on evening gowns and shawls and today anyone can find it — evidently, quality won’t be found in every fashion item! You are your own judge while shopping 🙂

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