Red will be your color too

Red was the main color on the runways for Fall/Winter 2017-2018. It was the star at Givenchy, Max Mara, Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana or Emporio Armani. If you want to be in style, you don’t need to wear red from head to toe because it’s not practical and not allowed in some work places. But this is why I am here, to help you incorporate red in your daily outfits, without being too much and still have a trendy look.


Most fashionable outfits are made of small details and different materials mixed and matched. If you want to add a red accent here are a few options:

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Leather it up!

For an edgy look leather is the way. Keep in mind that leather is also huge this season, get yourself a pair of leather pants and match it with a sweater and a parka. The cashmere will add a casual touch and bring the leather more down to earth. To keep yourself warm, add a parka with a cool red fur!

Leather Pants: @isabelmarant
Cashmere Sweater: @skullcashmere
Parka: @allessandrachamonix
Bag: @AmpersandAsApostrophe – Selection from @perchvail
Jewelry: @stelladot @everydaystylewithemily

You said red pants?

If you want a playful look red pants are a must have. Pair them with a leather jacket and a tank top! If you put a turtleneck underneath you can wear it in the winter – and don’t forget to add a pair of cut out booties. With a cool leather jacket and some cut out boots you will structure a look that will be fun! As a personal stylist, I will advice you to careful with a corduroy red pants. The fabric is usually thicker and the color draws attention. If this is a part of your body that you want to hide or minimize, then it may not be the best option, and you may want to choose a darker pants.

Corduroy Red Pants: @L’agence
Leather Jacket:@isabelmarant
Shoes: @ragandbone – Selection @perchvail
Jewelry: @stelladot @everydaystylewithemily

Casual Friday

Do you feel feminine today? You should! And you should pick up a nice dress with red details in it, like this one. Since it’s not summer anymore and that the thin fabric can be problematic, black tights and oversized sweater are great options. The off-white sweater is a good idea to stay warm and also make the look more day time appropriate. Add a pair of brown booties and you are good to go run some errands or for a casual Friday at the office.

Dress: @Zadig&Voltaire
Sweater: @Mosa @360cashmere – Selection @perchvail
Boots: @mickaelkors
Jewelry: @stelladot @everydaystylewithemily

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