How to dress for a Colorado wedding

With snowy peaks in the background and mountain terrain sprinkled with flowers, it’s no surprise that a lot of couples choose to tie the knot in Colorado. This location near the Rocky Mountains offers some amazing venues to celebrate in and provides the ultimate setting for those wanting to host a rustic-themed wedding.


If you’ve been invited to a Colorado wedding, it’s worth knowing what to prepare for! Many guests who find themselves here for a ceremony will find that it’s completely different to a wedding in New York. We don’t always dress traditionally and depending on the bride and groom’s personal preference, there could be a dress code to follow. Whether that’s a cowboy theme or a color to match, weddings in Colorado offer scope for guests to get a little creative with their outfit choices!


However, the most important thing to remember is not to go overboard with your outfit, as you’ll risk looking inappropriate. You must take into consideration that it’s still a wedding – a celebration of two people’s eternal love… and certainly not a costume party! Add subtle touches to your outfit instead. For example, if there’s a cowboy theme, opt for a chic western-style hat or fringed ankle boots. Even if you’re reluctant to dress up, accessorizing is the perfect way to keep in theme, yet still retain a fashionable and appropriate wedding guest look.


Another element to bear in mind is the location. Many weddings held in Colorado make use of the mountain chic vibe, so investing in wise footwear is a must. Despite their glamour, stilettos aren’t the best shoes to wear when you’re walking through grassland or near lakes, even if the ceremony is held at a hotel. Depending on what the bride and groom have told you, don’t arrive too overdressed. Obviously, you don’t want to turn up in flip flops – you want to look elegant, but you don’t want to end up covered in mud with a broken heel either! This is where a stylish ballet pump, strappy sandal or smart ankle boot would be a great choice of wedding footwear.


As far as dresses are concerned, nowhere is better suited to dress you for a Colorado wedding than Colorado itself! Our numerous boutiques offer a range of wedding outfit choices that are perfectly tailored with the location and climate in mind.

If you’re not familiar with the region or aren’t sure of the best places to shop, get in contact with me as your stylist. We can explore the right outfit choice for your body shape, decide on a perfect look for the wedding theme and venue, and ensure you look just the part for this special occasion!



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  • Andżelika Szymańska

    June 11, 2018 at 7:35 pm Reply

    Hey, I am invited to wedding in Mountain in Silverthorne. I am from Poland and I have no ida what to wear. Can you give me same advice?

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