Why Self-Confidence Is The Only ‘Beach Ready’ Body Tip That Matters

Hello summer season! Summer is officially here and with it comes sunshine, relaxation and one word with the power to send the female population into a panic… swimsuits. But I’m here to tell you that feeling good in your bathing suit is so much more than that quick-fix diet the magazines shout about. I’m here to tell you there’s no such thing as being “beach body ready”. Every body is beach ready – take yours to the beach and voila, you’re already there! I’m here to tell you that every single female on this planet has the power to feel totally confident and beautiful in their swimsuit… even if you don’t believe me yet.

I get it, how is it possible to feel empowered when we’re constantly bombarded with weight loss tips, summer shape-ups, slim social media stars and numerous articles on the right bathing suit to hide your flaws. It’s almost impossible to think any different when it’s rammed down your throat 24/7. You’re not thin enough, toned enough, perfect enough for the beach.

But the media shrieks just one person’s view. Everything you’re being fed is commercial lies and society forcing you to only think inside this claustrophobic box of self-hatred. People won’t judge you unless you let them, unless you allow them to dictate your image. Same goes for family, friends, strangers… don’t be influenced by any of them. Because as soon as you stop being scared of others, you’ll realise that everything you were once told isn’t even true. Confidence is key. Only you have the power to change that.

Here’s food for thought… the diet industry brings in over 60 billion dollars a year to convince young women to hate themselves. Why would you let this evil concept control you like this? Who says they have the right to say that you’re smaller than your worth? Why let them win?

You are in control, so let yourself shine. Identify that while sources will continue enforcing these messages, that actually – only you have the power to change the way you feel about your body. Nobody else has that power; it’s all on you.

Your body is incredible. Take a moment to appreciate the astonishing things it does for you, every single day. It walks you to that date with the guy you really like, it sings your favorite song, it hugs those closest to you. It keeps you alive. If you invest all your energy into thinking about how you could look better, you neglect to see how truly beautiful you already are.

We should be gentle with our bodies. We’re only given this one chance at life so embrace, appreciate and love the gift of yourself entirely. Because that’s exactly what it is – a gift. The most important part is that we feel alive, that we enjoy every little thing around us. It’s a shame to waste one special moment on something that won’t even matter tomorrow.

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