How to be a better Holiday Shopper?

pexels-photo-63778Ok, ok, I mean it; Holidays are really great, aren’t they? But, when it comes to Holiday Shopping , it can be an actual nightmare. How to avoid it? I have some great tips to give you, that will leave you stress-free!

First of all, don’t rush to the Mall so fast; wait a minute and think about it. A good idea is to make a list like that:

  • Who do I need to buy a gift for?
  • What type of gift she / he would like (Did she already talk about this special book, a jewelry, a pair of gloves etc…)
  • What is my budget and how much I want to spend for each person?
  • Where I can find each gift?

pexels-photo-230544Additionally, you have to think what type of shopper you are. Do you like shopping online, while drinking a cup of tea on your couch, or do you prefer going to the actual shops and see the gifts in person?

Advice for that:

If you are an online shopper, don’t forget to compare prices, find coupons and be careful of the shipping dates as well. You don’t want to receive your order on December 26th, right?

If you like to see and choose your gifts at the mall, a lot of patience is needed. Waiting line and people rushing everywhere, are part of the deal of Holidays shopping. The secret? Plan ahead and you don’t have to rush anymore; just enjoy the whole process!

Finally, remember! Holiday shopping happens only once year; so, why it should be a constraint?However, if you are missing time, I can always help you to achieve your shopping list and make sure you get everything your lovely ones deserve. Starting at $25*!!

*Depending on the size of the shopping list and if there are different boutiques to run to.

Remember SHOP LOCAL FIRST and have fun!

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