What Is The Best Sweater For Winter?

What Is The Best Sweater For Winter?

The temperature is getting lower and lower and the everyday scenario is getting more beautiful – crispy morning, piles of leaves on the ground, trees going to sound sleep, hands fidgeting in pockets, and gorgeous people sipping hot coffee while on the go.  It is time to search for the sweater at your wardrobe (and not at the mall!), wrap up and cuddle in.

The sweater you bought last year may still do great this coming winter! All you need is to be a bit creative. Your creativity can save you some bucks dear, and can even give you a new coat or anything that you can wear throughout the year!

I will tell you some great ideas of wearing your old sweater but still look fabulous and fashionable, and which sweater is the best for you and which one can you wear for which occasion.

Oversized Sweater over a Dress

Is this idea possible? Well, yes and it is actually great! Oh! Do not judge it! Try it first. Use this big heavy, snuggy sweater as a jacket over a warm dress, some tights and boots. It does look good together and will keep you warm and comfortable; you can take it off whenever you want.

Careful if you have some curves, better avoid bulky fabrics, choose a sweater with less material, maybe with a nice open-neck (boat, V-neck, square to draw attention to your upper body). The length of your sweater should be at least on your hips.






The long cardigan for a “sporty look”

I really like this style! It is great for our Colorado women with hectic schedule and do not have much time to change after a yoga class and still have to run some errands afterwards.

The best thing, this style works great for almost every woman. Only our petite women need to careful with the length, no longer than the mid-thigh otherwise it will make you look smaller. Not our goal either!





The knitted sweater

This is what we need in Colorado, isn’t it? It is simply perfect with a pair of jeans and looks great with a skirt and even go well for military style? It is very easy to wear and perfect for apres-ski too, for a brunch up in Vail etc. A must have? YES!

So, what do we do for a must have? We put the price or we ask grandma to make it like I did for this one and I got a lot of compliment! Be careful. The more details, the bigger it will look on you. Maybe the wool will look too chunky on you so opt for nice cashmere.






Grandma Sweater

Well, I love consignment and second hand option. Each time I will be able to give a second life to an item, I will do! Here are couple of reasons:

  • Fashion is in constant repetition. What is not in “style” for 5 years will be back in the 6th years.
  • If you want to save and assure a liveable planet for your kids, you will need to change some way to consume very soon. For example, it needs 2700 liters of water to create one shirt… I let you imagine the waist we can do when we wear it once.
  • The number of pesticides in newly bought clothes is typically lower than the second-hand one the item have been worn and washed previously. This is a BIG WIN-WIN! So for the story, this sweater that get lot attention on Facebook is from Thrifty Store, bought it $5, spend $10 on dry cleaner and give it a second life by making it fashionable, little stripes button down shirt, some confidence and that’s it.

Just remember that when choosing sweater, consider your body type. If you really cannot decide which sweater to wear that will make you gorgeous even during winter, you can seek for personal stylist help.

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